FAshion Event by Borris Powell. 
Powell will show his newest collection featuring Men's and Women's Luxury apparel and handbags. 
The Story's in the title. Go ahead. See if you can guess the story to be told through FAshion and Music on the 7th of March.
Great FAshion, Wonderful Energy, Exciting People, Moving Messages, and One of the Best Independent FAshion Shows around. 

From the Designer.  "This show I've decided to write a very open and honest letter to myself that will be narrated throughout the show. I feel as if I've had to walk through flames to get to where I am today. Each Segment of the show will represent times and places throughout my life. I was recently asked what could one expect from this new collection? Well. You can expect a lot of Drama mixed in with a whole lot of Boldness and Honesty. But more than anything. Expect the unexpected."

VIP Ticket holders will be treated to an open bar and food during the Pre-show cocktail hour as well as for the rest of the event. Yes that is correct. You will enjoy the open bar and food the entire night. Free with VIP tickets only. 

We're excited and look forward to seeing you at the show. 
Just like previous shows, ticket holders will enter the show per Zones. ZONE A will enter the room first to select their seats. ZONE B after ZONE A. ZONE C next and so on. The first to purchase their tickets will be assigned to the ZONES to enter the room first. ZONE A is guaranteed 1st row seating/The best seating in the house. 

FAshion love, 

Venue Details
The Palmer House Hotel
17 East Monroe Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60603, United States
Luxury Men's and Women's Brand.